who we are

Meet the detailed and creative minds
behind the magic

The Soirettes are a close-knit team with a winning recipe for concocting extraordinary events.

The Team

Sue from Soiree
She’s the woman with the perfect smile and the Prada handbag. You want Sue on your side. Not only because she knows lots of people but also ‘cos she knows wine lists inside out.
An eternal globetrotter, Steph now has her feet firmly planted in NZ! Along with lots of UK agency experience she brings her love of pubs and associated Friday afternoon pub culture to Soiree.
Pippi from Soiree
When she is not looking for Wiggles' Tickets for her daughters she is sharing her chocolate supply with the office. Megan's enthusiasm and bubbliness will get her through any tricky event.
Valentina from Soiree
This multi-cultured lass is Italian by blood but German by everything else due to her attention to detail and reserved sense of humour. She is the envy of the office at lunchtime because she has an immunity to carbs.
Ellice from Soiree
She’s the office’s resident Westie. But make no mistake, this lass is tidy – she can’t leave work without colour coding every piece of A4 on her desk. In fact she’s so orderly that she once ate a rubber to save the cleanup.
Shirl from Soiree
Budgets or barefoot? Budgets or barefoot? Budgets barefoot! Shirl spends half her week with her head in spreadsheets and the rest with her head in soil. Go figure!
Ellice from Soiree
Although she’s just a young’in, Holly comes with some bite. She can be found working at an alarming pace after her daily large mochaccino with an extra shot and extra chocolate.
Sue from Soiree
A quiet achiever, Tara is always striving to obtain great results. She has been around the world and back so many times, she doesn’t know where she belongs but she does know where she wants to be.
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